Hummel Gathering 2020

Hummel Gathering 2020 will be held Oct 10th. Last year it was so hot, we thought we would try a fall event. The date also coincides with WUFI 2020 for those UL guys looking for a destination. Everyone is welcome. 

The gathering is an informal event intended for people with an interest in Ultralights, homebuilts, VW engines, and to anyone wishing to learn more about Hummel Aviationand Hummel Engines. We expect a good turnout this year assuming we are out of lockdown. We always have coffee and donuts for the early guys. Lunch at noon or so. We usually have a few demo flights, weather permitting, and an informal Q&A for an hour or so after lunch.

 There is room for camping at the airport and lodging is less than 10 miles North at US 15 and the Ohio Turnpike I80/90. This should be a great gathering as we celebrate 40 years of the Hummelbird, 20 years of the UltraCruiser, and 15 years of the H5. We will also have a little cake to celebrate Morry Hummel’s induction into the EAA Ultralight Hall of Fame as well as what would have been his …. birthday. So we hope to see as many as poasible, but of course an email or phone call if you are coming is always appreciated to help plan the food.  

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