The efficient, excellent handling, and roomier UltraCruiser.

Introduction to the H5

Our intention was to build the UC’s good qualities into a “roomier” airframe to accommodate someone over 200# and/or 6 ft. tall. It is intended for 65-85 hp with most being built for a VW conversion engine. Tri-gear or conventional, The H5 is an excellent handling Homebuilt. Great ground handling, excellent visibility, and very efficient.

Primary objectives

  • Totally redrawn plans with much more detail
  • Fit a 6’5″ 300lb Pilot
  • More fuel capacity
  • 4 cylinder reliability
  • More foot room for rudder controls
  • Larger instrument panel
  • Build from plans or kit


H5 Features and Specs

  • Experimental class
  • Economical sport pilot aircraft
  • Designed around the 4 cylinder Hummel Engine
  • Excellent performance with 85hp engine
  • Canopy hinges to the side
  • Canopy and heater for year round flying
  • The H5 is intended for the Sport Pilot category with economical, reliable, four stroke power and estimated cruise of 100-130 mph
  • Wide 6.5 ft. landing gear track for excellent ground  handling
  • Detachable wings for easy storage
  • Very comfortable for long flights
  • Many full size parts shown on plans
  • Very docile, easy to fly
  • Shock gear
  • Tri-gear or taildragger (conventional)
Airfoil GA30-618
HP (Range)60-8560-85
Wing Span7.16 m22.5 ft
Wing Area9.3 m2101 ft2
Wing Loading3.8 kg/m28.4 lbs/ft2
Length5.2 m17 ft
Empty Weight209 kg 460 lbs
Gross Weight386 kg850 lbs
VNE Speed242 km/h150 mph
Cruise161-185 km/h100-130 mph
Stall74 km/h42 mph
Take Off Distance152 m 300 ft
Take Off Over 50′ Obstacle  
Rate Of Climb244-365 m/min800-1200 ft/min
Landing Distance244 m800 ft
Fuel Capacity30-75 L9-21 Gal
Fuel Consumption11.3-15 L/Hr3-5 Gal/Hr
“G” Rating44

Note- Specs are with 200# pilot and 85 hp Hummel Engine operating  on grass

No spins/ No Aerobatics

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“Ask any pilot how they started flying
and you will hear a love story.”

The Hummel H5

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