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Introduction to the FAR Part 103 compliant UltraCruiser

The UltraCruiser was designed as the first all metal ultra light in 1998. First flights were in 2000. First plan sales were in 2001. Intended for first time buiders as well as first time pilots, the UltraCruiser is an easy to build and even easier to fly aircraft.

The design can be built straight from plans up to, and including a full kit. The kit includes predrilled laser cut components. All parts are formed prebent, or welded. Wheels, tires, brakes, harness, and even the seat cushion is included. Wing Spar is pre-assembled. The kit is very complete. Everthing is included to complete the aircraft less the engine, prop, spinner, and instruments.

 UltraCruiser Features and Specs

  • The UltraCruiser is a Part 103 legal all metal ultralight
  • Detachable wings for easy storage
  • Very docile, easy to fly
  • Excellent performance with 37 hp engine
  • Full size parts shown on plans
  • Very comfortable for long flights
  • 6.5 ft. track and low CG for improved ground handling
  • Many building options with customer support
  • Full size Parts on (29) 24″x36″ CAD drawn pages.
  • Available as plans built, kit built or anything in between.
  • 4 cycle reliability with the 1/2 VW Hummel engine
  • Tri-gear option on plans. (Too heavy for Part103)
  • Canopy option (Also a bit too heavy for Part103)

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UltraCruiser Plans
Description Metric Standard
Airfoil GA30-618
HP (Range) 28-45
Wing Span 7.62 m 22.5 ft
Wing Area  10.4 m2 101 ft2
Wing Loading 22.65 kg/m2 5.4 lbs/ft2
Length 4.87 m 16 ft
Empty Weight 114-123 kg  252-270 lbs
Gross Weight 227 kg 575 lbs
VNE Speed 152 km/h 95 mph
Cruise 97-137 km/h 60-85 mph
Stall 46-52 km/h 28-32 mph
Take Off Distance 46 m  150 ft
Take Off Over 50′ Obstacle  92 m  300 ft
Rate Of Climb 152-305 m/min 500-1000 ft/min
Landing Distance 92 m 300 ft
Fuel Capacity 18.9-30 L 5-8 Gal
Fuel Consumption 5.6-7.6 L/Hr 1.5-2.0 Gal/Hr
“G” Rating 4 4

“Ask any pilot how they started flying and you will hear a love story.”